Welcome to Our Summer Reading Wiki Page!

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍This is where you will be able to speak to your peers (and me!) about John Green's

The Fault in Our Stars.

You will need to post two (2) original comments of your own, and then also respond to at least one other person's post so that we can have a discussion.

Please respond to TWO of the following prompts. Make sure to select the correct discusion box to get started.

Prompt #1:
John Green has numerous characters with various relationships/reactions to cancer. Pick one character that you identify with the most. What did you like/dislike about this character? How would you describe their personality? How do you identify with them? Do they remind you of someone you know?

Prompt #2:
If you could only choose one scene/moment/dialogue that had the most impact on you, which one would it be and why? And don't say the entire novel - we know!

Prompt #3:
How (if at all) has the book changed your perspective of cancer or those who are living with it?

Prompt #4:
It was important to Augustus that his actions/existence would leave a mark on this world. How does he do that? How would you do that?

Prompt #5:
Hazel uses the word "hamartia" or "tragic flaw" to describe Augustus when he stuck a cigarette between his lips and it also describes Peter Van Houten and his drinking. The difference between these two are night and day - and a brilliant metaphor. What was your perspective/reaction?